Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are the artisans and where are they from?

    Artistans some are professionals, some are self-learnt. But all are excellent and worth an applause. They are all passionate and believe in providing quality service.

    Where? From cities, towns and villages- because art has no boundaries. Each handicraft is valuable and made exclusively by a curated list of artisans.

  • Are all products customizable?

    Yes, this platform is specifically for customised art to be delivered to you made by understanding your likes or dislikes. Each product has s sample image provided alomg with customization possibilities listed below each product image in Customization section. If any further doubts you can connect here

  • How can i track the order?

    There are 2 aspects to delivery time of the product:

    • Artists art delivery time- the number of days the artist has mentioned/ confirmed for the art discussed which approximately is mentioned below of each product Title. Artist work progress can be seen in order section as soon as it reaches 'Packed and ready to dispatch' the artist delivery time is covered.
    • The delivery time - the time taken to pick it up from the artist and deliver it to your doorsteps. At this delivery stage you receive details from both AME for you and our delievry partner.Delivery time Pan India is between 1-5 days but they may be delays in certain unavoidable cases.

     If any further doubts you can connect here


  • What is the return/exchange policy?

    We generally make sure each handicraft/ product is made with quality materials, neatly done crafts and careful packaging. 

    But in those rare situations here is when we may consider a return or exchange:

    1. The product is damaged during shipping. You need to whatsapp us pictures with the damage the same day you receive the products in  here

    2. The product looks different than what is committed over customization chat which can be looked back in chat archive. You ping us in with details  here

    3. You will be informed whether return or exchange will be done via email.

    In all cases, we do make sure we consider your points fairly.

  • What does reference pics refer to?

    A clear , high resolution picture that reveals clear details or features of the person or design that you expect to be utilised by the artist during the process of creating the art. Also, the artist would you for the same via chat.

  • Can I order in bulk via the website?

    Yes you can - we call it a   Âme  ‘Bulk -Up- Customised -Kit - Exclusively - Tracked’  ( Âme BUCKET) . This is specifically for order above 3 in quantity. If the order is below 3 then you can order 3 seperate customised artwork by discussing with either one or 3 individual artists as per your want. 

    Types of Buckets- Party, Wedding, Corporate

    For any of the 3 buckets - please whatsapp on 8928075806 / email in

  • Do you take orders that are required on urgent basis?

    Please whatsapp  here / email in your requirement , we shall check it in our artisan network and get back as soon as possible.

  • Can I return or cancel the order after placing it?

    No. Because the efforts are taken and its made exclusively for you.