Personalised Name Theme based 3D Felt Banner

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Rs. 1,000.00

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Looking for a perfect banner to make your room special? Here are some fun ideas using felt material you can make interesting stuff with. A nice welcome note at the front of the door or make some felt starry banner for your room and light them up wrapping on some ferry lights. Go ahead and use your imagination.
These banners can be a perfect customised gift to write a special message that can be hanged in the room forever in front of their eyes. Parties, gifts, celebrations or decoration pick your choice.

The firmness of the material and the rich quality gives the banner a long life span making it all time available to either decorate a room or light up the

This felt banner can be customised as per your preference of
- Shape i.e horizontal or vertcical,
- Colour,
- Name
- Theme
- Extra objects can be added or deleted

- The details of the theme to design
- Reference image available of the design
- All details of customisation to be proposed clearly
- Themes like Hello Kitty, Clouds and stars, Space, Ocean, Clouds and Birds, etc. can be discussed on.

With the liberty to design your own theme there are hundreds of ways to use a simple banner to make a loved one very happy.

Let you creativity run free!

Felt, Polyfill, Cotton Twine Optional:- Pearls, beads

Height of the alphabets - 12 CM in Kitty theme
Height of the alphabet - 6 CM in plane and cloud hangings.

Location : Uttar Pradesh

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