Customised Letter or word based String Wall d├ęcor piece

By Artist : 0025 | Artist Delivery time : 5 days*
Rs. 2,000.00

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When we set our homes, we love the feeling and words that reflect our priorities and for many 'Love', 'Live' and 'Laugh' seems apt and may be 'Travel', 'Beach' and 'Blues' give vibes of happiness. Our String artisan here can make any word look more fancy yet elegant home decor peice by utilizing the skills to roll in strings through the nails on quality wooden boards. Colors. patterns and words all that makes the wall peice/ floor stand either customised in 1 peice or 3/4 in one set look like its part of your personas disseminating vibes of your soul. Perfect gifting artwork for house warming, birthday, anniversaries, new office owners and for someone who plans of home renovation / interior designing.

CUSTOMIZATION : Do discuss anything that you wish to add - word/s , colors, patterns & Size. The artists shall confirm on possibilities and an estimate price, timeline for one or the set.

SIZE: 5 inches height per alphabet to make it look neat and include patterns/designs

REFERENCE: Any reference picture if required. You can share a list of word or just one either via text or image if you specifically want the font style to be replicated.

NOTE : The price mentioned above is for 5 inches height for a 6 digit word with some extra customization.
Framing can be done to added cost will be suggested

Pricing will differ as per the customization

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Location : Pune

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