Customised Rainbow French Knot Dream Catcher

By Artist : 0080 | Artist Delivery time : 7 days*
Rs. 2,600.00

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French knot embroidery is unique and one of the several knotted stitches used similar to a colonial knot. It requires great attention and technique to create a desired design. Here is an amazing artisan who makes neat designs with french knot on the dream-catcher hoop. What's the plus? We already have one design - 'Rainbow Pom-Poms' for you go wild on thinking other designs if required.

CUSTOMIZATION: The French Knot Dream Catcher can be customized into various diameter sizes and desirable design. The dream catcher ring is made with wooden ring, thread, feathers, pom-poms and beads.

SIZE: 10cm to 12cm, 15cm to 17cm/ any specific size in mind do share.

REFERENCE: If you have any dream-catcher design in your mind or have seen it somewhere , feel free to share it we shall make it according to the requirement and as per availability of materials.

NOTE: The price and sample image is of size 17 cm dream catcher. Refunds, return and cancellations are not allowed once booked. For further info check through our terms & conditions. Price will differ as per customization and delivery area.

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Location : Mumbai

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