Purple Passion Name Embroidered front cover Customized Book

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Ever imagined a world in a book? Of course you should if you love journaling, writing diary or even scribble through it while taking notes during those boring school lectures or office meetingsā€¦ Here we actually make it your world by customizing it in total ; right from the size - A4/A5, Number of pages (standard is 100). The key is the beautifully customised Name based front cover cloth French Knot embroidery of 'Purple Passion'. It's also added with similar bookmark thread either customized as per the color chosen for the embroidery and main cover cloth or can be totally different.
Gift it to self or to someone who has their cocoon love for books & solace.

CUSTOMIZATION: Share the cloth color for the book cover, colors of the threads / bookmark thread & tassels that you prefer . Also your name and the color in which your name is to be embroidered. Feel free to ask for any more customization possibility.

SIZE:A4 and A5, 100 pages. Any other size or increase in number of pages can be discussed

REFERENCE: Design/ color references for both book cover, cloth color and French knot embroidery design if any. Accurate type in of Name with spell check essential

NOTE:The price mentioned is based for A4 SIZE book with 100 pages and design elements specific on the image.Refunds, return and cancellations are not allowed once booked. For further info check through our terms & conditions. Price will differ as per customization and delivery area.

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Location : Mumbai

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