Customisable Hanpainted tholu bommalata leather Cuboid Lamp shade with bulb holder 5 inch

By Artist : 0089 | Artist Delivery time : 7 days*
Rs. 1,250.00

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Tholu bommalata literally means "the dance of leather puppets" (tholu – "leather" and bommalata – "puppet dance"). The puppet theatre was the most popular entertainment for locals in AP during the back days when TV and digital assets didn’t exists. In recent days, we are working with artisans to make unique quality functional handicrafts just like this Goat leather treated , stitched on a sturdy cuboid frame and Handpainted to create unique Table clock. Uniqueness- Holes are dug in the leather shade as a traditional pratice to let the light flow out making it shine bright. The lampshades are made with quality powder-coated frames.
Since the leather used is a natural material, it reacts to weather conditions: the leather tend to stiffen in extreme heat, and softens at extreme lower temperatures. All lampshades are shipped with wire and holder. Bulbs not included.

CUSTOMIZATION: You can either go for 1. Ganpati or Krishna design on all sides 2. Krishna design on opposites sides of the lampshades with other two sides being floral 3. Ganpati design on opoosite sides and other two being floral.

SIZE: 5 inches in height * 5. 3 inches in width

REFERENCE:You can suggest any Tholu design you have seen, we can discuss and confirm on the replication. Please note not to share artworks that could be copyrighted by artists for their own commercial use.

NOTE: The current price is for Krishna idol on all 4 sides - delivery.The price and time taken is an approximate and may differ as per customization. Refunds, return and cancellations are not allowed once booked. For further info check through our terms & conditions. As per the delivery area we may or may not delivery amount as extra to the final amount. This is a leather art thereby don,t wash it wet, instead wipe with dry cloth to clean. Being Handmade imperfections are obvious and rather the beauty of it & to be accepted. Avoid direct sunlight and contact with water, colors may fade.

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Location : Mumbai

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