Portrait String art Customized handmade individual black and white

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Rs. 12,500.00

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The sample string art portrait is of Mr.Girish Bapat , which is made of 4k nails sprayed with golden paint to avoid rusting as well as made with special string for longer durability. Size- 30×30inches

String art is one of the new modern ways of creating portraits and other customised art that is done with a whole lot of precision of hammering nails on quality white plywood board and then intricately spin the string to get the right shade and density to overall give the right design and replciation to the photo provided.

This portrait not only looks classy but adds to a unique way of decorating your home or giftimg someone during a special occasion like anniversaries, birthdays etc.

CUSTOMIZATION: Discuss with artists on whether patterns are to be done in background or its to be left blank with focus only on the facial features.Any other customization like addition of rose flower/ brooch etc can be discussed. Only Individual or couple portraits are possible ina 30*30 or suggested any otehr size mentioned below. You can either opt for acrylic sheet & wood/metal framing done from the artisan or you can do it post it reaches you safe.

SIZE: SIZE ( in inches) : Square: 24×24, 30×30, 36×36, 48×48
Rectangle: 24×36, 30×36, 30×42, 36×48, 48×72

REFERENCE: 3- 4 clear high resolution pictures with clear facial features. Frame color to be shared and checked if artisan can provide the same from his stock

NOTE: Framing can be done to added cost will be suggested based on the customization. Refunds, return and cancellations are not allowed once booked except in select cases. For further info check through our terms & conditions. Price will differ as per customization, size and frame requirement and delivery area

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Location : Pune

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