Handcrafted Sunset Inspired Wall clock

By Artist : 0034 | Artist Delivery time : 10 days*
Rs. 3,000.00

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You love sunsets, the orange hues and the beach sand running fluid. Here is a Wall clock that matches what you like.
This beautiful calming -base with liquid resin later treated wall clock with exemplary finishing adds charm to your wall.
The sides are coated with Gold paint and the back with a acrylic + wood base.

CUSTOMIZATION: You consult with the artisan to design your wall clock which will be ideal time piece for personal home decor as well as gifting a Dear one- newly wed, house warming etc.. Clocks can be customised in any colour and with or without numbers. we can add customization by creating your favourite beach moment on the wall clock by adding elements like sand, shells,crystals, siloutte elements like tortoise, human figures, crabs , sparkles etc.

SIZE: 14 inch in diameter

REFERENCE: Provide us clear details of the color, shape preferred and scene of your imagination. If possible, please share a reference photo which matches your idea along with choice of elements to the artist.

NOTE: The price and time taken is an approximate and may differ as per customization. For further info check through our terms & conditions. We shall add in a delivery amount on basis of your delivery location.

CARE: Avoid sharp objects touching the surface. You can clean the clock with dry cloth.

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Location : Pune

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