Handcrafted Starry Night Inspired Wall clock

By Artist : 0034 | Artist Delivery time : 10 days*
Rs. 3,000.00

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You enjoy lying down on the ground and observe those beautiful staryy night patterns , are as deep and classy as Purple? Here is a Wall clock that matches what you like with an add on of beautiful unique resin art that creates unique wall clock everytime.
This beautiful calming -base with liquid resin later treated wall clock with exemplary finishing adds charm to your wall. The sides are coated with Gold paint and the back with a acrylic + wood base. The needles are of gold, other options can be provided as per requirement.
CUSTOMIZATION: You consult with the artisan to design your wall clock which will be ideal time piece for personal home decor as well as gifting a Dear one- newly wed, house warming etc. Clocks can be customised in any colour and with or without numbers. We can add customization by adding elements like sand, shells,crystals etc.

SIZE: 14 inch in diameter

REFERENCE:Provide us clear details of the color, shape preferred and scene of your imagination. If possible,please share a reference photo which matches your idea along with choice of elements to the artist.Avoid sharing reference of any possible copyrighted artist work.

NOTE:The price and time taken is an approximate and may differ as per customization. For further info check through our terms & conditions. We shall add in a delivery amount on basis of your delivery location. No battery is provided along with this product.

CARE:Avoid sharp objects touching the surface. You can clean the clock with dry cloth.

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Location : Pune

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