Handcrafted Organic Soap Hamper of 4

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Skin - whether face or body requires the right nourishmnet with No chemicals in there (100% Natural ) and thereby handcrafted artisinal organic soap is here to treat your skin for good.
Each soap is crafted keeping in mind sensitive skin needs. The combo of 4 currently is suggested to have these 4 variants: 1) Rosy affair- made of Goat milk base which is super moisturising and suits all skin type, alongwith Rose clay which provides mild exfoliation and heavenly fragrance of rose oil (75 gm)

2) Spa therapy soap- spa at home achieved in daily bath with this soap having massaging knobs on one side and natural loofah for gentle exfoliation embedded on the other side alongwith blend of essential oils of Bergamot and lemon for that spa like relaxation (120 gm)

3) Aloe neem tulsi - made of Aloevera base, neem and Tulsi powder with Tea tree essential oil excellent for sensitive dry skin ( 100 gm)

4) Milk & Turmeric soap- Goat milk with Kasturi manjal (wild turmeric) for moisturisation and healing of skin excellent for Sensitive skin (75 gm) It comes along with a beautiful study packaging as shown in the picture. Perfect for self indulging or gifting it to your loved ones. Its open for bulk orders to conenct with us on

CUSTOMIZATION: We have more 4 variants to choose from to further customize your hamper for quantity between 4 to 8 soaps with different benefts and ingredients all organic.
Here are the choices that you can pick from:
1. Black rose- made of Goat milk base and a layer of activated chrcoal this soap is super moisturising and cleanse deep pores suits all skin type, alongwith rose clay which provides mild exfoliation and heavenly fragrance of rose oil (75 gm)
2. Lemongrass and Shea butter soap-Nourishing Shea butter which keeps your skin mositurised for long.
Benefits of Lemongrass Essential oil- Improves Skin Tone, Antibacterial, Anti inflammtory, Balances skin natural oils, Excellent for revitalising stressed muscles (great for fitness enthusiast)(100 gm)
3. Coffee Honey and Oats-
Coffee - Anti aging, Calming, Exfoliant.
Oats- Anti-acne, Reduces oil, Reduces skin irritation.
Honey- Helps skin healing, Antioxidant, Antimicrobial.(100 gm)

4. Lavender soap - Goat milk with Lavender buds and Lavender essential oil for moisturisation (120 gm)

Discuss the above customization possibilities with the artisan for a quick solution for a specific requirement that you are unable to decide or would like to add in further customization possibilties as its for a specific person who has a new combination of ingredients in mind.

NOTE: The price and time taken is an approximate and may differ if customization is chosen. Go though our FAQ for return policies. Cancellation once placed is not accepted. As per the delivery area we may or may not delivery amount as extra to the final amount. As the soaps are hancrafted the color or design may slightly differ but definately worth owning the unique peice.

CARE : We suggest to check through our ingredients list in description & customization to avoid any allergetic ingredients that may hamper your skin care experience. Do check with the artisan if you want to make sure any further details on the soap ingredients or packaging.
USAGE DIRECTIONS: Lather and apply generously to the skin and then gently massage. For best results, work up a rich lather and leave for 2 minutes before wash.

Location : Karnataka

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