Handcrafted Wooden Clay Colorful Jungle theme Kid's Name Plate

By Artist : 0087 | Artist Delivery time : 10 days*
Rs. 3,950.00

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Are you looking to beautify your kid's room or to surprise your kid with a personalized gift on his or her birthday? We have a unique handcrafted Kid's replica jungle-themed nameplate. This nameplate is made on a quality wooden base with a metal holder ring that can be hung on one screw. This Nameplate has been suggested to have a jungle theme with two characters - brother/sister or siblings with animals of your choice.
You can also ask for a different theme like a unicorn, Disney characters, Marvel/superhero themes along with the kid's name and replica. The Nameplate is varnished at the end to give it luster on neat acrylic colors to enhance the look.
This is a perfect gift for your little one or any kid that holds a special place in your life.
You can also gift it to an adult with a relevant theme.

SIZE: 10"*7" (inches)

CUSTOMIZATION: Apart from the Human replica and Kid's name that’s getting customised you can add if you any design ideas. The artisan shall confirm the final price and timeline according to the design.

REFERENCE: You need to share pictures of the person whose replica is to be created along with rightly spelt names . You can also share reference pics for the design that you will to customize . Make sure the design is not copyrighted or lead to any disputes. The artisan shall add / minus any personalization if it feels right.

NOTE: The price and timeline depend on the customization. The current mentioned price and timeline are for the product mentioned in the description, title, and size. The time taken is approximate and may differ as to its handcrafted. The delivery time is over and above the Artist delivery time mentioned above. Refunds, return and cancellations are not allowed once booked. For further info check through our terms & conditions.

CARE/ INSTRUCTIONS: Avoid scratching it with sharp objects. Avoid constant contact with water. You can clean it with a slightly wet cloth or dry dusting. Do not place it at corners at a height to avoid fall from a height and obvious damages.

Location : Pune

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